Camperships- Summer Education Literacy Program


This year, United Community Centers will conduct a reduced attendance in-person literacy based summer program from June 8th through July 31st. UCC expects to serve over 360 students by providing two instruction sessions per weekday. Sessions are designed to assist children who are critically struggling with reading comprehension. They will receive intensive literacy instruction in a safe, structured learning environment. UCC will follow CDC and State guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants in this program.


During the pandemic, some of our children have had little to no learning through FWISD’s virtual platform.  This might be due to lack of utilities and equipment, and a lack of technical experience from parents. To combat this, UCC is incorporating a Parent Engagement Program designed to help families navigate FWISD’s virtual learning platform.  The agency will also be looking at the social and emotional effects COVID-19 has had on the communities we serve.


We thank you for being supporters of UCC in the past and would like to ask you to help make memories for children in these very difficult times. 


Not only will these children be ready for school next fall, but they will relish the connection they have had in a loving, caring summer program. We assure you there will be lots of “happy campers.”


To cover the “campership” for one child the cost is $320 for the entire summer. Donations of any amount will help to provide supplies, snacks, and meals. The enclosed brochure provides more information, including our safety measures. Please join us in providing an experience that will make a lasting impact on UCC’s children with educational opportunities all summer long.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child this summer, you can click the link below, or contact Ashley Johnson for more information at 817.927.5556. You can help make this summer a memorable one for a Fort Worth child!





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