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2021-2022 Board of Directors

Guided by Christian principles, we serve and empower those in need.



Chairman - The Reverend Tom Faile      Vice Chairman - Dr. Bob Galvan

Secretary - Mr. Thomas Hegi                   Treasurer - Mr. Kevin Smiley

Board Members

Kathy Ellis      Sandra Gamez      Jane Goodspeed      Ellen Hoffman     Susan Idleman

Sean Looney     Jolynn Lowry     Dr. Roy Lowry      Trelaine Mapp     Courtney McKay     Michael Malloy      Erin McDonald  BJ Richmond      Mae Rossi      Magaly Sanchez      Emily Scott      Dr. Gary Strong      Clark Sykes      Dr. Morri Wong      Wilson Woods



Jackie Carter     Jullian Fleming     Jennifer Higgins     Donna Jensen     Pamela Pinkerton-Whitley


Bylaws      Covenant Agreement      Conflict of Interest Disclosure      Strategic Plan

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