Church Resource Kit 

The following resources are available for churches, congregations and Sunday School classes to use as a giving opportunity amongst their members and as a tool to inform others about the United Community Centers Summer Education Enrichment Program.  




A formatted slide used for church announcements and high quality art suitable for projection. The slide has basic program information related to the Campership Campaign. The content is designed to be projected in a power point style presentation.




The narrative is a convenient way to provide a brief overview of the camperships campaign through the use of announcements and special group settings.




Informative content that is intended to be used in a church bulletin or newsletter to explain and notify the readers about the Campership Campaign and their goals. The content can also be used for verbal announcements.




A black and white advertisement that is formatted to be printed two to a page using an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. The flyer is designed in black and white and will be cut down the middle to create two finished flyers.


















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