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The Morris Foundation and NTX Giving Day have partnered to create a $100,000 board engagement opportunity. The Morris Foundation will match all new, first-time donations received by UCC through board members' FUNdraising pages in an amount proportionate to the total dollars raised by all participants up to a match of $1 for $1. After NTX Giving Day, the Morris Foundation will confirm the FUNdraising pages set up by board members and the total count of new donors.

As you know from our monthly meetings, in December 2020 UCC received $125,000 from the Morris Foundation for year-round literacy funding in 2021. Our partnership with this foundation has been an extremely important part of our funding for many years.  Board participation in NTX Giving Day is very appreciated this year, we want to show the Morris Foundation how involved UCC's Board of DIrectors are with fundraising.


  • Unless you have already created your profile this month, you are most likely going to have to create an account in order to save your page. The tutorial details how to do this. If you have issues with logging in after you register your email for the first time, click on the "Forgot your password?" link to set your password up.

  • Your Fundraiser Title must be 50 characters or less, so use UCC instead of United Community Centers, Inc. that is auto-generated.

  • If you are writing your Fundraiser Story straight in your browser, be sure to click Save as Draft often so that you do not lose your progress.

  • Donations for NTX Giving Day 2021 do not count until September 1. So, if you create your profile early (go you!), make sure that people understand the matching engagement only qualifies from September 1-23.

  • If you want to edit your page at a later date after setting it up, go to UCC's main profile, hover your mouse over the Login button at the upper right, and select the Fundraisers option to be directed to log in to your profile.


Below are a few options for image banners for your FUNdraising page.

If you would like to upload a personal image instead, please feel free to do so! (TIP: horizontal images work best)

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