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About Us

United Community Centers, Inc. is a non-profit organization in affiliation with the United Methodist Church and 
United Way of Tarrant County, as well as many other foundations and grantees. Through these partnerships, we 
provide literacy and social services to empower individuals, strengthen families and enrich communities. 


Mission Statement

"Guided by Christian principles, we serve and empower those in need."

Our Work Today

Each of our three community centers is located in a neighborhood where more than 90% of the population lives below the federal poverty average of $23,850 per family of four. All three centers offer the following programs:


  • Educational Enrichment Program for School-Age Children ages 3 to 13

  • Client Assistance & Advocacy for families and seniors


Our strong history of care and commitment is still evident in the hearts and attitudes of our staff and volunteers today. 


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