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About Us

United Community Centers, Inc. is a non-profit organization in affiliation with the United Methodist Church and 
United Way of Tarrant County, as well as many other foundations and grantees. Through these partnerships, we 
provide literacy and social services to empower individuals, strengthen families and enrich communities. 


Mission Statement

"Guided by Christian principles, we serve and empower those in need."

Our Work Today

In 2023, UCC operates two core programs at its three neighborhood centers: the Client Assistance and Advocacy Program and the Education Literacy Program.


The Client Assistance and Advocacy Program provides help to those facing food insecurity by offering onsite food pantries and a once-a-month mobile food pantry at the Wesley Center. UCC's food pantries are open to all clients, regardless of income. The Center Directors consider each person's situation and their family's needs and collaborate with clients to connect them with other agencies for extra support. Additionally, centers offer seasonal programs such as free tax preparation, financial literacy courses, access to free school supplies, and holiday meals.


UCC's unwavering dedication to enhancing literacy skills among children has resulted in the development of the Education Literacy Program. This program has been meticulously designed and continuously monitored to ensure that every child receives personalized attention and exceptional care. What sets us apart from other afterschool programs in Fort Worth is our 13-year history of offering personalized assessments with instructors, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible care for our students.


Our strong history of care and commitment is still evident in the hearts and attitudes of our staff and volunteers today. 


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